fort collins hispanic mural project ~ Para Mi Familia

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About the mural

Creating a Community Where Everyone Belongs is the vision behind the Fort Collins Hispanic Mural Project. We firmly believe that by a community working together we can move toward equity. Together, we hope to create a where everyone belongs.

Sponsored by Mujeres de Colores, our dream was to create a vibrant, larger-than-life mural on the wall of one of Fort Collins’ iconic Mexican restaurants, Los Tarascos, celebrating the Hispanic/Mexican community. They hope the scenes in the Fort Collins Hispanic Mural Project will encourage conversation and spark curiosity about Hispanic/Mexican cultural heritage and the part it plays in the larger community.

That it might provide an opportunity to celebrate the diversity of Hispanic culture, at the same time instilling pride, belonging, interaction, and human connection within the community.


Armando Silva, Artist

“Reminds us to be proud of who we are and what we represent. Whether we honor those who come before us or lay the foundation for those after us, we do it For My Family."

"Para Mi Familia is an invitation for the viewer to engage with the mural on a personal level. It is meant to provoke an intimate feeling with those that dare to dream big, sacrifice and work hard for their families. This is a concept that is universal to the human experience, but the placement of the phrase at

Los Tarascos acts as an introduction to a specific story. Familia is who we choose to stand next to and love throughout good times and hardships. Para Mi Familia also asks us to think about our ancestors and our future gente. This is an ofrenda to our community, to our familia. Let this mural be a check point in time and a reminder of why we do what we do."

Armando Silva, artist

Thank you to our generous supporters

Caballero Family/Los Tarascos Restaurant, Nutrien, History Colorado, High Country Beverage, Bohemian Foundation, New Belgium Brewing, Mighty Arrow Foundation, BNSF Railway Foundation, Serimus Foundation, Peter Springberg, Alpine Bank, Houska Automotive, Fort Collins Downtown Development Authority, Fort Collins Iron & Metal, Tony Espinoza Birthday Fundraiser, Mary Biggers, Champagne Law Firm, LLC, Odell Brewing Fundraiser, Fort Collins Mural Project, Verizon Wireless and ALL who donated on Facebook!